Our reputation for excellence has been built on our commitment to our clients and on the quality and reliability of the housekeeping staff whom we recruit.

Housekeeping Services

We make it easy for you to find reliable and trustworthy domestic staff. Our reputation for excellence has been built on our commitment to our clients and on the quality and reliability of the domestic workers whom we recruit.

Whether you are looking to employ someone for a private household, business, hotel or resort, Handy Helpers Housekeeping is here to help. Whether your housekeeping needs be ad hoc, short-term or long-term, live-in or live-out, we are committed to finding the right solution for you.

We Offer A Range Of Housekeeping Solutions


A housekeeper is responsible for the smooth running and daily management of all household cleaning and maintenance duties.

A housekeeper's duties may include:

Cleaning, dusting and tidying.
Laundry duties and ironing.
Meal preparation.
Household amenity control (including stock-taking, list-making, ordering and purchasing).
Sanitary-control, especially regarding the kitchen and bathroom areas.
Answering the phone and taking messages.
Liaising with tradesmen.
Running errands.
Looking after the family pets.
Safekeeping of premises.


Couples are experienced and multi-skilled individuals who work together as a team to provide an array of housekeeping services to ensure the smooth running of your property. Due to the versatility of skills provided, a couple can take care of a wide range of responsibilities ranging from childcare to housekeeping and cooking, to gardening and maintenance.

Furthermore couples enjoy greater work satisfaction and are generally looking for longer-term employment.


A modern-day butler is a senior employee, almost invariably a man, whose duties may include:

Overseeing other staff and liaising with tradesmen.
Running household management, valeting and laundry duties.
Managing food and beverage services.
Maintaining the wine cellar, silver, fine china, crystal, artwork and antiques. Household amenity control (including stock-taking, list-making, ordering and purchasing).
Keeping the family agenda and coordinating travel arrangements.
Planning and managing special events
Entertaining family members and guests.
Answering the residence phone and taking messages.
Record keeping and administrative services.
Chauffeur services.
Safekeeping of premises.


Cooks/chefs hold a diverse range of culinary skills and are responsible for planning and preparing an employer's desired cuisine.

Many common health problems can be prevented or cured with a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. A cook can plan nutritionally balanced menus and prepare healthy meals.

Groundskeeper / Gardener

A groundskeeper is a person (usually with a gardening background or horticultural qualification) who maintains a garden landscape for appearance and/or functionality. A groundskeeper’s duties may include landscaping, lawn care, weed and pest control, trimming of hedges, planting trees and flowers, maintaining flower beds, raking dead leaves, helping with rubble removal, cleaning of paving and driveways, swimming pool care and other home maintenance or carpentry work.


Housesitters maintain a regular presence in your home (either live-in or live-out), while you are away on a holiday, a business trip or in hospital. Their duties may include caring for your pets, maintaining your pool, tending to your plants and making sure that your home and possessions are safe while you are away.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants have excellent organizational, administrative and communication skills, and are responsible for the daily management of an employer's personal and business tasks.

We only place domestic staff of the highest calibre. All of our staff undergo comprehensive screening and selection procedures. Our background investigations may include checking employer references, medical reports and criminal clearance checks.

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