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Agency fees

Registration fee: R200

Temporary placement: Equal to 25% of candidates earnings

Permanent placement: Equal to one month’s salary


Candidate rates

Rates will vary depending on a candidate’s experience, qualifications and on the job description.

A general guide is provided below.



Candidate Rate
Au pair R80 to R120 per hour
  R4 000 to R6 000 per month (Half day)
  R6 000 to R12 000 per month (Full day)
Nanny Requirement dependant
Tutor R100 to R200 per hour
Night nurse R300 to R400 per night (One child)
  R350 to R450 per night (Two+ children)
Babysitter R80 to R120 per hour



Candidate Rate
Housekeeper R3 000 to R5 500+ per month (Live in & live out)
Houseman R5 000 to R5 000+ per month (Live in & live out)
Couple R3 000 to R5 500+ per month per person
Butler Requirement dependant
Cook/Chef Requirement dependant
Housesitter R150 to R250 per day
Personal assistant Requirement dependant
Groundskeeper R4 000 to R4 500 per month (Live in & live out)


Elderly care

Caregiver Rate
Full time R4 500 to R7 500+ per month
Part-time R250 to R400 per day


Agency guarantee

Candidates placed in permanent positions are guaranteed for a period of 3 months.



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